Phrasal verb: catch up

  1. catch up
    Meaning: get to the same point as someone else
    Example: I missed class on Friday.  Can I have the work so that I can catch up?

          catch up (with someone)
          Meaning: to update someone on the most recent information
          Example: Let’s grab a coffee and catch up some time this week.

Riddle answer

Step 1: Fill the 5 gallon jug and then pour it into the 3 gallon jug. The 5 gallon jug has
2 gallons left.
Step 2: Now throw the 3 gallon water away. Pour the 2 gallons from the 5 gallon jug to the 3 gallon jug. So now the 3 gallon jug has just 2 gallons of water.
Step 3: Fill the 5 gallon jug again, and pour 1 gallon to the 3 gallon jug. What do u have left in the 5 gallon jug? 4 gallons of water!

Phrasal verb: fill up

  1. fill something up
    Transitive, Separable
    Meaning: to fill to the top
    Example: Can you fill up my glass with water?  I’m thirsty!

I love riddles!

If you had a three-gallon bucket and a five-gallon bucket and were told to get four gallons of water to fill up another bucket how could you do it?

I’ll let you know the answer tomorrow 🙂

Phrasal verb: brush up on

  1. brush up on
    Transitive, Inseparable
    Meaning: to improve, refresh one’s knowledge of something
    Example: I should brush up on my Spanish before I go to Spain.

Make sure that you brush up on your English for some time every day!  Listen to your favorite English song today and read along with the lyrics.