Data Processing Agreement Betekenis

13.1. At the expiry of the contract, the data manager (at the data manager`s choice) must destroy or return to the data manager all data in his possession or control. The processing manager reserves the right to delete personal data from all locations after 90 days if the processing manager has not chosen either option. This requirement does not apply to the extent that current legislation requires the processor to retain some or all of the data. 2.1 The data processor only processes personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Authority. (ii) that, if the transfer is a category of sensitive data, see item 3.3, the person concerned has been informed, before or as soon as possible after the transfer, that his data could be transmitted to a third country that does not provide adequate protection within the meaning of data protection legislation. De Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (ook wel “AVG” von “GDPR” genoemd) verplicht alle verwerkerers en verwerkingsverantwoordelijken om een dergelijke overeenkomst af te sluiten. Wanneer Wolters Kluwer bepaalde Legal, Tax – Accounting der HSE software verkoopt aan haar klanten, geven deze klanten zelf de data over hun onderneming of hun eigen klanten in. (ii) treat personal data transmitted or collected to the data processor only as a “transformer,” since these terms are defined in data protection legislation on behalf of the data manager. When the processor assigns processing activities to a subcontractor, it should only use processors with sufficient safeguards, including expertise, reliability and resources, to implement technical and organizational measures that meet the requirements of this regulation, including for processing security. To avoid doubts, the 84codes do not physically host any of the servers provided for the service.

Instead, data centers are used by external cloud platforms that the data manager selects to use the service itself. These cloud platforms are listed as subprocessors in Schedule 3. All data can be encrypted during transmission and in standby mode for extra security.

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