Ketentuan Repurchase Agreement

8. As soon as this circular comes into force, the provisions relating to the trading of indonesia certificates on the bank`s basis are repealed and cancelled on the applicable secondary market. B. The securities that can be recovered are securities issued by Indonesia Bank, the government and/or other institutions that are regulated by the Banking System Indonesia – Scripless Securities Settlement System. c. The number of days the bank calculates the pension rate payable on a calendar day basis. c. Securities that may be held by the bank no later than the first business day prior to the bank`s transaction date (b). In the event that a repurchase transaction is made on a business day before the public holiday, the date of the repo transaction is the next business day. one.

Settlement of repurchase transactions through BI-SSSS credits is carried out through the transaction settlement mechanism (gross to gross) – for ON including ORI, namely: “Nominal value of newly sold securities x (price – hair cut)” – value of interest accrued on restsessed. The transaction guarantees securities to be able to finance one. The time of the Repo transaction window is set from 16.00 to 17.00 WIB each day of the week. d. Bank Indonesia determines the selling value of the securities on the basis of face value and price in accordance with BI-SSSS. f. The price of securities used for first-phase transactions is equal to the price of the securities used to calculate the second stage transactions. Hedging instruments for maintaining interest rate fluctuations on long-term loans Providing alternative liquidity in a fast time Summary of Bank Indonesia Legislation d. The SBI Repo count consists of the SBI sales count (first leg) and the second leg note. The bank must have a sufficient DBI balance at the time of the first transaction and have a sufficient account balance at the time of the transaction in the second stage. – Automatically processes solar series that are not purchased by the bank as direct sales transactions via BI-SSSS. We are ready to support any complaints or other requests from you a.

Securities that may be repokan are securities in the form of SBI and/or SUN held by the bank, as recorded in the trading account on BI-SSSS funds.

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