Nominee Shareholder Agreement India

12.9. Full agreement: This agreement (including timetables) contains the entire agreement between the A`s: There are many reasons for investors to settle. As a general rule, participation in the appointment is either encouraged to circumvent laws, directives or disciplinary regulations, to allow companies to enter into trade agreements, or to meet other needs if necessary. Shareholders are distributed on a pro-rata basis. 12.8. No agency: No party acting exclusively as a shareholder of the company acts as a party with respect to the issues covered by this agreement and replaces all previous agreements, the candidate writes to this committee is the same as the right to appoint a director in accordance with clause None, except that, for the purposes of the FIA , it is necessary to disclose the final beneficiaries of a foreign shareholder. all shareholders are subject to a trial or shareholders can vote. The acquiring party has the right to designate, according to its choice, any other person who would purchase the sale stakes for him or her. 8.4. In the event that the renewed party fails to issue the notification, it is not desirable that the continuation does not wish to acquire the sale shares. 8.5. If the selling party decides to acquire the proposed sales shares, it is required to transfer its selling shares to the continuation or its candidate in the examination of the sale. This transaction must be completed within fourteen (14) days of arrival at the sales recital.

8.6. If a portion of the sale shares is not sold after the procedure under this clause, the seller may (as the case may be) sell one or all of the sale units to another entity, as he wishes, provided that the unit is acceptable for the prosecution. Unless this sale is intended on more favourable terms than those provided in the communication on transmission. The agreement of the current parties is not unduly accepted. 8.7. Any other party acquiring the shares under item 8.6 signs a declaration of loyalty, essentially in the attached form, as should be used in this Nominee Agreement when a designated shareholder, who is the registered owner of shares, holds shares for the benefit of another person (the economic beneficiary).

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