Idiom: Hold your horses

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Hold your horses is an idiom meaning “hold on” or “wait”

The saying is typically used when someone is rushing into something. It is often combined with linked idioms such as cool your jets or look before you leap. 

Example: Hold your horses!  We are almost there.

Phrasal verbs: grow out of, grow into, hand down

  1. grow out of something
    Transitive, Inseparable
    Meaning: get too big for
    Example: Babies grow out of clothing so quickly!
  2. grow into something
    Transitive, Inseparable
    Meaning: grow big enough to fit
    Example: These pants are too big for him now, but he’ll grow into them soon.
  3. Hand something down
    Transitive, Intransitive, Separable
    give something used to someone
    Example:  My mom saved some things to hand down to my sisters and I.

When I was a child I never had new clothes because I was the youngest and my mom would wait for my older sisters to grow out of their clothes so that she could hand down the clothes to me and I could grow into them.