Phrasal verb: stick to

  1. stick to something
    Transitive, Inseparable
    Meaning: to continue doing something, limit yourself to one particular thing
    Example: You need to stick to the diet if you want to lose weight.

    I know learning English can be difficult, but stick to it!  Did you know…

  • Thomas Edison tried over 9000 experiments before creating the first successful light bulb.
  • Albert Einstein’s parents thought that he might have a learning disability.
  • Marilyn Monroe was told that she was not attractive enough to be an actress.
  • Henry Ford’s first two automobile companies failed.
  • Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for a lack of imagination and his first animation company went bankrupt.
  • Elvis Presley was told that he wasn’t good at performing and should drive a truck instead.
  • Several record companies rejected the Beatles before signing a contract.

    Good thing these now famous celebrities stuck to it!

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