Phrasal verb: get rid of

  1. get rid of
    Transitive, Inseparable
    Meaning: to eliminate
    Example: Please get rid of anything you don’t want.

Did you know that men get hiccups more often than women?  How do you get rid of hiccups?

My dad had the hiccups once for ten days and could not get rid of them.  The first day we thought it was funny, but after a few days he was miserable.  He was unable to sleep or eat and had serious pains in his chest.  He went to the doctor, and the doctor advised him to try a few different techniques, none of which actually worked.  Eventually the hiccups went away on their own and my dad was overjoyed.  To this day, I am nervous that when I get hiccups they might never go away!

Some possible ways to get rid of hiccups:

Hold your breath for ten seconds while lying down

Drink a large glass of cold water quickly

Tell someone to scare you!

Eat a spoonful of sugar

Drink a glass of water with your head turned upside down


Do you know any other solutions?

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