Phrasal verb: hang out

  1. hang out (with someone)
    Meaning: spend time relaxing (informal)
    Example: Let’s hang out at my apartment tonight.  We can order some food and watch a movie.

The following is a funny article from The Onion, a satirical publication in the United States:,1800/

There are a lot of phrasal verbs and slang in the article!  Do you know what they all mean?

buckle down: to concentrate on a task with determination

shape up: to improve

goof off: to joke around or misbehave

kick back: to relax

screw/mess around: to joke around or misbehave

hook up: to become romantically or sexually involved with someone

flip out: to panic

get down: to lose one’s inhibitions—to enjoy oneself

jam away: to listen to or play music in a spontaneous way

take up: to join a new activity

straighten tight: to set priorities

bust forward: to move forward towards a goal

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