Phrasal verb: warm up

  1. warm someone/something up
    Transitive, Separable
    to increase the temperature
    Example: You should warm up the soup in the microwave before you eat it.

Did you know that the microwave was discovered by accident?  Percy Spencer, an American engineer was working with magnetrons to create an efficient microwave radio signal when he noticed that the chocolate bar he was saving in his pocket had melted.  He connected the melting of the bar to the machine, so he decided to test his theory by putting popcorn in front of the device.  When he turned it on, the popcorn popped and he came up with (to create) the idea for a microwave.

Thanks to Spencer, we can warm up our food quickly!

    2. warm up
        Meaning: to prepare body for exercise
        Example: You should warm up for at least ten minutes before you play in the game.
This Australian Olympian became famous for her interesting warm-up before a race!

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