Phrasal verb: tear up

  1. tear something up
    Transitive, Separable
    to rip into pieces
    Example: I tore up the forms with my personal information before I threw them in the trash.

Not to be confused with:

         “tear up”
          Meaning: to start to develop tears
          Example: She teared up during the movie.

Did you know that women blink nearly twice as much as men?  Maybe women’s eyes naturally cleanse themselves more often causing them to tear up more easily than men?

On average, women cry about five times a month.  And men cry about once every month or two.  Do you know why?  Women produce more prolactin, the hormone that controls the neurotransmitter receptors in our tear glands.  Women’s tear ducts (the place where tears come from) are anatomically different than male tear ducts, resulting in a larger volume of tears.  Now when I cry I can blame it on biology!

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