Phrasal verb: take off

  1. take off
    Meaning: start to fly, depart
    Example: Oh no, I’m going to be late.  My plane takes off in thirty minutes!

2.   take something off
          Transitive, Separable
remove an article of clothing
          Example: It is polite to take off your shoes when you enter someone’s house.

Did you know that in China and Japan it is normal for the host to provide slippers for their guests to put on after they take off their shoes?  Additionally, when using a restroom, house slippers are taken off and a different pair, just for the restroom should be used.

In the United States, some people prefer to have guests take their shoes off when entering the house.  It is always a good idea to ask your host, just in case.

In some countries it is also important to take off your coat and hat when you go indoors.

What is normal in your country?


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